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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR TEACHERS: NMAC has provided professional development days and training sessions for more than 150 area teachers and youth club staff members over the past year. Trainees receive instruction in all aspects of the nutritional, fitness, language arts, math, science, gardening, music, and art-based activities that are a part of the twelve-lesson ES curriculum. We have now expanded to include a 12 to 24 week curriculum that can be offered inside the school year or during the summer months. Teachers learn a variety of creative ways to reinforce the health concepts highlighted in the curriculum on a daily basis, and receive an ES Instructor's Manual, which provides complete instructions for carrying out the projects successfully. The curriculum also includes Extension Activities and Home Links for parents and guardians, with activities sent home at the end of each week for parents and children to do together.

To arrange for a half day or full day training session in your area, contact NMAC through Email Us.

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Nutrition and Fitness through the Arts